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What is the Ledger Connect kit?

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The Ledger Connect Kit lets you connect your DApps to Ledger hardware wallets. It has two components:

  • Ledger Connect, that makes it easy to connect your Nano to Web3 directly from your browser.
  • Ledger Live which is a mobile and desktop application working as hardware wallet synchronization manager and allowing Ledger users to buy, swap, grow, and manage their digital assets from the security of their hardware wallet.
  • Ledger Connect will prevail when compatible, as it is introduced to more and more blockchains. Ledger Live will be used in other cases.
  • The Connect your App packages will no longer be maintained.


  • Ledger Connect: Will be available to everyone by the end of the year on Safari for all Apple devices (requires iOS16+ or MacOS 12+). Support for other desktop browsers will be added in Q1 2023.

  • Ledger Live mobile app: Native mobile apps and other browsers on iOS and Android will trigger the Ledger Live app using a WalletConnect deeplink. Both Ledger Live on iOS and Android can also be used to connect on desktop via the WalletConnect QRcode.

  • Ledger Live desktop app: Used as a fall back on desktop browsers until Ledger Connect support is added, and for USB connections.


Ledger Connect Kit supports:

  • Ledger Connect: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana
  • Ledger Live app: Ethereum, Polygon & BSC

No maintenance required

The code is designed to be loaded at runtime from a CDN so that the logic and UI can be updated as we release new updates without the wait for wallet libraries and DApps updating package versions and releasing new builds.

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