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Designing a DApp to be used with Ledger Connect (Browser extension in Safari)

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1- Discord

To get the extension, join our Discord server using this link and head over to the Ledger Connect channel

2- Coding


Connect injects a web3 provider (EIP-1193) similar to other extensions and supports the same APIs. [add details]

  1. Check if ethereum.isLedgerConnect is true to determine if the user has the extension installed

  2. Use common Ethereum APIs. We currently support the following:

    • net_version
    • th_chainId
    • eth_accounts
    • eth_requestAccounts
    • eth_sign (only with a utf8 Buffer)
    • personal_sign
    • eth_signTypedData_v3
    • eth_signTypedData_v4
    • eth_sendTransaction

Supported wallet libraries

You can use this web3-react-ledgerconnect-connector together with the web3-react wallet library or web3-onboard-ledgerconnect with web3-onboard in your project.

Eventually, you will be able to integrate Ledger Connect to your DApp either with our APIs and a SDK or with wallet librairies. You will be informed on Discord when this will be available.

In this folder your will find Ledger’s logo to display in your application.

You can be added to the Web3Checks whitelist to avoid users receiving a warning. Please send us your DApp domain name, DApp name and token name if any, using the form below.

5- Communication

When you have finished the development of your DApp, please go over to Discord and contact us. We will then agree with you on how and when to make announcements on social networks.

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