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1. Get the App Builder Docker images

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The Docker images

Building an app requires a specific compilation environment. Ledger provides Docker images containing all the required tools: the App Builder images.

There are currently three available images:

  • the lite image, which is designed to be the lightest possible. It contains all needed tools to build a C-only application,
  • the default image, based on the lite but with Rust capabilities. This image should allow to build all applications.
  • the legacy image, which was the image used before late 2022. This image is much heavier, but is based on Ubuntu, and contains the glibc.

Getting the images

To use these container images, first install Docker on you computer. If you are using Docker Desktop, make sure Docker is running before using the following commands.

The Ledger App Builder images are regularly updated to fit the latest SDKs. They can be pulled with these commands:

# pull the default Docker image, which should be enough for most application
sudo docker pull
# pull the 'lite' Docker image, the smallest one which should be enough for C-only application
sudo docker pull
# pull the 'legacy' Docker image, usefull if the glibc is needed
sudo docker pull

Don’t forget to regularly pull these images to keep them up to date. This way, your application will be compiled with the latest SDKs - which is a requirement if an application is to be deployed on Ledger official providers.

If for some reason you want to create or tinker these images yourself, you can find the related instructions on the project repository.

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