Manage your device with ledgerctl

Manage your device with ledgerctl


1. Install ledgerctl


pip3 install --upgrade protobuf setuptools ecdsa
pip3 install ledgerwallet


git clone
pip3 install --upgrade protobuf setuptools ecdsa
cd ledgerctl
pip install -e .

2. Install a custom certificate authority (optional)

Optionally, install a custom certificate authority (this will help to establish a custom secure channel between the computer and the device, and identifies ledgerctl as a "trusted manager" on the device):

  • a. To install a custom CA, boot the device in "Recovery" mode by pressing the right button at boot time.
  • b. Then run ledgerctl install-ca <NAME> where <NAME> is the name that will be displayed on the device to identify the CA. It can be any label, like "ledgerctl", "Dev", or "CA".

The Ledger device will display to you a public key. Allow the “unsafe manager” on the device by pressing at the time the right and left buttons.


You’re now ready to use ledgerctl to manage your Nano.

To display the list of the application installed on your device:

ledgerctl list 

To display the available space on the device:

ledgerctl meminfo

To delete an app (for example “Bitcoin Legacy”):

ledgerctl delete "Bitcoin Legacy"
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