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Boilerplate plugin

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Here is a boilerplate plugin to help you write your own. This guide walks you through the plugin.

You can follow it best by forking the repository in the plugin_dev/ folder:

cd ..
git clone

We will need the Ethereum SDK to build our plugin. It can be cloned anywhere, but it is easier to add it directly inside the app-plugin-boilerplate directory:

cd app-plugin-boilerplate/
git clone
The SDK repository defaults on branch "master", which is synchronized with the Ethereum application latest stable version. If your want to work on a newer but unstable version, checkout the "develop" branch.

What’s what

There is no need to build it right now, only after adding tests. For now, in app-plugin-boilerplate/ there are these folders:

  • ethereum-plugin-sdk: This repository contains information shared by the Ethereum app and your plugin, such as structure definitions, utility functions, etc.
  • icons: plugin icons as displayed on the device. We will get to it later, but you can read about it here.
  • src: the actual source code (in C).
  • tests/: the test folder (using the js Testing Framework).

Change plugin name

There is the Makefile directly in the repository root. You need to open Makefile and change APPNAME to suit your plugin name (e.g., Paraswap, 1inch, Lido, etc.).

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